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Lumineers Mason

Your teeth take a beating over time. Even patients who take meticulous care of their teeth can still experience cracking, chipping, discoloration and other forms of damage to their smile. A good dentist has a variety of ways for treating each of these problems individually, however, when there are multiple issues across multiple teeth, sometimes the best solution is the veneer or dental laminate.

These methods of covering over teeth have their advantages but also some disadvantages. For instance, they often require preparation work to get the original teeth ready for installation. That means grinding, drilling and other unpleasant activities.

However, here at Martinez and Martinez Family Dental Care, our team can provide you with the advantages of laminates without the drawbacks through the use of highly advanced Lumineers.


What are Lumineers?

Using advanced proprietary technology developed over the course of three decades, Lumineers provide us the ability to completely redesign your smile without the pain and discomfort associated with veneers. Lumineers are designed to sit right on the front of your existing teeth, essentially covering the enamel with a completely new exterior. Each individual Lumineer is digitally designed and constructed to cover each specific tooth and is about as thin as a contact lens. This lightweight, sturdy construction allows our team to install them easily to fit seamlessly over your existing smile.

Lumineer installation requires only two easy visits. During the first, our team sits down with you to walk you through the entire process, discuss your needs, and then take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Using those impressions as well as photographs and notes from the consultation, an authorized Lumineers laboratory designs each piece and sends the set back to us within a couple of weeks. On your second visit, the Lumineers are tested to ensure they fit properly and are then bonded onto your teeth, leaving you with a new, beautiful and comfortable smile.

At Martinez and Martinez Family Dental Care, we take pride in our ability to help you reinvent your smile. To schedule your consultation or to receive more information on Lumineers, contact our offices today.

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