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Root Canal Mason

Of all the dental pain and discomfort possible, there is none worse than root pain. Because of this, people tend to think that root canals are incredibly painful, terrible procedures. In reality, though, the pain comes from the root itself before the procedure. Having a root canal doesn’t cause pain. It resolves it.

Still, because of this incorrect information people routinely put off having a root canal. The results of this decision can be disastrous. If you are experiencing root pain, it is absolutely crucial that you come and visit us here at Martinez and Martinez Family Dental Care for an inspection. If a root canal is necessary, you can rest assured that our highly capable, experienced staff can help alleviate you of this pain.

What Is a Root Canal?

Ifroot canal Severe root pain generally occurs when the tooth has decayed to the point where the interior of the tooth is infected. Beneath the enamel and dentin, a portion of the tooth known as the pulp holds the blood vessels and nerves and connective tissue that keeps the tooth healthy. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause an abscess beneath the tooth that in turn can lead to further infection and even jaw bone damage.

A root canal is a procedure that is meant to clear out the decay and the infected pulp. Once the pulp has been fully removed and the remaining cavity sterilized, the dentist fills the tooth with a durable rubber-like material. This procedure allows our team to save the tooth, solidify the interior, and remove the cause of the pain. Because the pulp is completely removed, root pain will not return to that tooth following a root canal.

Following a consultation with our team, during with a dentist will examine the tooth and determine the need for a root canal, the actual procedure will be scheduled. The process is no more uncomfortable or intensive than repairing a cavity, with most patients requiring only a local anesthetic.

Do not spend your life suffering from root pain. Contact Martinez and Martinez Family Dental Care right away to schedule a consultation to determine if a root canal is right for you.

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